I am launching my collection “Opulence by Miriam” inspiring a Casual Chic lifestyle of luxury Caftans and Accessories. All unique, beautifully handcrafted with love and attention to design details. Jeweled with the highest quality crystals, beads, sequins, embroideries, exuberant patterns and colors printed on luxurious fabrics for that easy Chic wear lightness sensation floating as a butterfly.

My international background and lifetime of world travels, mixed with my entrepreneurial spirit for fashion has inspired me to create this unique collection that reflects my passion for life, beauty and fashion flair.

Enjoy the opulence of my collection.

A question that Opulence founder Miriam Desjardins is all too familiar with at this stage of her life.

After years conducting her business venture, Miriam attempted retirement but asked herself the question, "What Now"? Her longing to continue her life of design and empowering women around the world, encouraging them to be the princess that they are is what brought about her current fashion venture. Being the free spirit that she is, she loved and believed in the beauty and colors radiated by the butterfly. The freedom for life and whimsical nature of this magnificent creature was similar to Miriam's lust of dancing through life and imprinting where ever she went, influence her collections in more ways than visually.

The freedom of the fabrics, along with the beauty and softness in the silk. Incorporates the symbolic nature of the butterfly that is evident in her "Elegance", "Casual Chic" and "Glamour" caftan collections. Her collections of caftan are liberating and sensual, evoking a certain "je ne sais quoi" that can only be experienced through release of our inner butterfly.

Thank you to all the amazing, beautiful women in the world who care and do it, because they deserve it.

NBC 6 in the mix

Selected by NBC 6 host and producer of “6 In The Mix”, aLuxury lifestyle segment, Victoria Randolf got her firsthand view of the luxury that is “Opulence by Miriam” describing the scene as a “Caftan Party” and indeed it was!

South Florida Luxury Guide

South Florida Luxury GuideEditor

Each collections are unique and adaptable for any occasion.Opulence offer from the Elegance, Casual Chic and Glamour collections a unique and endless freedom and versatility as“one of a kind” Opulence creations. Miriam Desjardins designed and produced her limited edition pieces that symbolize the uniqueness of every woman being special in her own way.

Opulence follows no trend or season. their market niche relate to every woman of the world feeling sexy, beautiful and free. We, at Opulence believe in having a confident state-of-mind wearing anything and feel fabulous doing so.

Prior to showcasing the line on NBC 6, Opulence lit up theSouth Florida Luxury Guide, showcasing in two features throughout Miami and Palm Beach showing teasers of the coming “One of a Kind” caftan collections and entice the south Floridian women.

Spring Miami Edition 2018

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